March 2015

March 2015 President’s Letter

ICF-Long Island Chapter


I hope that everyone had a wonderful Passover and Easter with family and friends.


New Membership Due Date

The ICF-Long Island board voted to have the membership year begin on September 1 starting this coming September.  Having everyone’s membership begin at the same time will make it easier for all.  Those of you who pay or have paid earlier than September 2015 will have their dues prorated.  We hope that this new policy will make things easier for our members.


Benefits of ICF-LI’s Alliance with ICF Global 

Since we have become more closely aligned with ICF global good things are happening for our chapter.  We have received a $500 marketing subsidy which was used towards the cost of the chapter’s new website (

Please visit the website and see all the exciting new changes.


We are also receiving a rebate for those who pay the activity fee and are members of ICF global to help us build up our chapter.  This subsidy will end on December 31, 2015, unless we have 50 members of ICF global in our chapter.  I urge you to join ICF global.  There are benefits for you as well as your chapter.


For example: 

         being able to obtain a well-recognized accreditation (ACC, PCC, MCC), which is important for your success and the success of your business.

         access to research on various areas of coaching

         peer to peer coaching opportunity to help you build the required coaching hours towards you ACC, PCC and MCC and to improve your knowledge and practice of coaching


Northeast Regional Advisory Council

In June 2014, ICF Chapter Leaders from across the Northeast Region met for the first time with the objective of sharing best practices, networking, and exploring the value of creating an on-going forum for regional coordination and communication, and to better define an organizing structure for the chapters in the region.

The idea is to create a small, agile, effective council made up from Past Presidents of member chapters.  Since current Presidents need to be focused and occupied with their chapter responsibilities,  it seemed that Past Presidents would have more time to focus on regional issues.  They understand the particular needs of chapter presidents, and having them involved at the Regional level ensures continuity and expansive knowledge sharing

The purpose of the Northeast RAC (based on recommendations presented at the June Chapter Leaders Meeting) is the following:

·        Share lessons and best/transferable practices across chapters

·        Promote the growth and development of our members and chapter leaders

·        Build community and support for current, former and incoming chapter leaders

·        Leverage the knowledge and talents of each chapter for the common good

·        Represent regional needs and issues to ICF Global


Our own Josephine Rotolo is part of the initial group working on developing this council.  As the Northeast Regional Advisory Council becomes more developed, I will keep you informed about their ideas and how these ideas will benefit our chapter.

Maribeth Kraus, President, ICF-Long Island Chapter


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