Spring Clean-Up Event April 30 Sponsored by the Bay Village Civic Association

On Saturday, April 30, a shredder truck was parked in the 9/11 Memorial Parking lot on Broadway.  From noon – 3 P.M., the public brought three bags or cardboard file boxes of paperwork to be shredded.  This was done for a $10 donation to the Bay Village Civic Association.

This was a wonderful opportunity to clean out those personal documents residents had been saving.  Identity theft continues to be a problem and this was a deterrent.
How fitting that Earth Day and Arbor Day were also celebrated in April.  We reduced landfill and saved a tree, while protecting your identity.

We gratefully acknowledge Quality Shredding for donating their services.  More details about them can be found at www.QualityShredding.com.  It is hoped that we can continue this event annually.


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