Canine Companions Benefit and BVCA Holiday Party

Lore Waegerle and Zellman






Townsend Thorn and Marco











Ann Barile and Lore Waegerle






Linda Hotchkiss and Tea









Several members of the Bay Village Civic Association are actively involved with Canine Companions. They train companion dogs until they are ready to “graduate” and live with someone who would benefit from their skills. One BVCA member has enjoyed a better quality of life with her latest dog for twelve years. Special thanks are extended to Ann Barile, Linda Hotchkiss and Tea, Townsend Thorn and Marco, as well as Lore Waegerle and Zellmann for providing such a wonderful presentation at a November membership meeting. On a cold and blustery night, those in attendance were amazed and inspired by the compassion and skills of the trainers, recipients and their dogs. Consequently, the Board of the civic association decided to offer financial support to the organization. At the Bay Village Civic Association Holiday Party, recently held at Vittorio’s, a raffle was held. The $350 proceeds from the large wine basket raffle was given to Canine Companions. Ann Barile and Tea stopped in to offer their gratitude. The winner also has a family member connected to CCI. She donated the basket to her for a future fundraiser for Canine Companions. It became the “gift that keeps on giving”! For more information about the Bay Village Civic Association, go to or follow them on Facebook. Canine Companions can be researched at

Below are pictures from the BVCA Holiday Party at Vittorios’s







President Joan Donnison presenting the basket of cheer to Al James









Ann Barile and her companion Tea








Richard Handler and Jill Yarmosh









Ann and Ed Tringo









Emily and Phil Troiani









Hal and Lorraine Schad








BVCA President Joan Donnison, AFD Chief Jeff Erath and Mayor James Wandell









Mary Calabrese and Richard Handler









Trustees Dennis Siry and Kevin Smith








BVCA Board members Carolina Anderson, Joanne Fisk, Diane Mellish, Doris Reynolds, Barbara Strick, Joan Donnison, Julie MacLean








Judy and Emil Pavik

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