COVID-19 Update

I am attempting to keep you updated on happenings in the Village. While it’s obvious that we are on “pause”, families are still trying to exercise with children and walk their dogs. Some parents have suggested putting teddy bears in windows or displaying rainbows. The children will look for them and count them. Something fun! You remember fun?!!!! If you haven’t stocked up on wine and other similar beverages, get to Red Gamay by tomorrow afternoon. The attached note is a notice from them informing us that they will close tomorrow night until the “pause” is over. The Better Bagel and Brownstone’s will take phone orders. They are doing curbside pick-up and delivery. Check for more details. Park Ave. Grille Raimo’s and Athena, as well as Amity Ales are also open for take-out. Others may be open too. Call first to check. As noted earlier, Vittorio’s is closed. Please try to maintain social distancing when out. Remind teenagers that they are included in this. Dr. Kelly informs us that a student in our High School tested positive. We are a community that cares. This will pass….flowers are blooming, the days are longer. Find joy wherever and whenever you can. Stay well, safe and calm. Joan

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