Social Distance

Safe Social Distancing & Outdoor Activities


With warmer weather ahead, please note: By way of an executive order and as a precautionary safety measure, beginning today, Monday, March 23rd, 2020, Amityville Police Department will have the authority to disperse groups of people/children in Amityville Village that exceed the guidelines of the State of New York and Governor Cuomo’s directive as well as Suffolk County’s directive which is listed below: • Gatherings should be 10 people or less • Minimum of 6 foot distance between people • Any outdoor sports should have a wide separation (min. 6 ft.) between participants. Close quarter sports (such as team basketball, baseball, soccer, and lacrosse) are unacceptable. Governor Cuomo is also considering a plan to reduce gatherings of people at parks throughout New York State as well and we will share any new information with you. Please contact Amityville Police Department at 631-264-0400 to report inappropriate gathering situations. Thank you for considering the safety of your neighbors.

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