Amityville Eateries Supported by BVCA

PRESS RELEASE                  January 26, 2021

In a continuing effort to support local businesses, the Bay Village Civic Association focused financial support on Amityville “eateries”. Gift cards totaling $100 were purchased from local restaurants, delis, and take-out locations to raffle to BVCA members.

The raffle was held in January at the BVCA monthly membership meeting via Zoom. Gift cards were valued at $25 each and grouped in twos from each shop. The winners received $50 worth of cards for an establishment.

Whether you won gift cards or not, perhaps you took your special someone out for Valentine’s Day. You may have also ordered a wonderful take-out meal for a candlelight dinner, or lunch/brunch. Enjoy these meals any day! It is hoped that this project will assist these “eateries” through this particularly difficult time.

The BVCA encourages residents to continue to patronize all local shops. At a past membership meeting, gift cards valued at $25 from all local small shops in the Village were also raffled to members.

The dues and money raised through fundraising have supported such projects. While the BVCA greatly appreciates this, it also recognizes the efforts of Board member Rhea Albert Darling who went to each location to make the purchases on behalf of the civic association.

For more information about the Bay Village Civic Association, visit them on Facebook or go to You may also email them at All local restaurants and shops need our support. We certainly want them to be there when this COVID nightmare is over! Continue to wear a mask and stay safe. Try to get the vaccine, too. Things will improve, but we are still on the road to better days. It takes a Village……….

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