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In an effort to patronize a variety of Village restaurants, the Bay Village Civic Association held their 2017 Holiday Party at The One Asian Bistro. It was an exceptional event. The food was varied, plentiful and delicious. The entire staff couldn’t have been more accommodating. Holiday decorations brightened everyone’s spirits. Evidence of that can be seen in the pictures here. Many thanks again to Dale and Jill Yarmosh for their efforts to capture the moments. Proceeds from a large wine basket were used towards a major project donated to the Village. BVCA President Joan Donnison displayed a rendering of a new entranceway sign at the eastern entrance to the Village on Merrick Rd. Through many fundraising events, and with the assistance of former Board members Barbara Strick, Doris Reynolds, Ethel Mac Gill, Diane Apgar, and Martha Peterson, as well as the current BVCA Board members, a check was presented to the Village at the December 11 Board of Trustees’ meeting. This new sign will replace an older, deteriorating one in front of the Ketcham/Woods Preserve. In the future, other organizations may choose to “adopt a sign” to help beautify the Village. Mayor Siry and Chief Slack Lisa, Brandon and Bob Balzani Catherine Murdock and Jackie Aissa Edria Parks, Kathy Ward, and Diane Mellish

Jill and John O'Toole & Dot Garvin

Kevin Smith, Anita Caramanicho, Angela Erath & Dot Garvin


BVCA 11th Annual Brunch

You are invited to our 11th Annual BVCA Brunch. Bring a friend and meet new ones!


BVCA 2017 End of Summer Party

Members of the BVCA gathered again at Carney's for a party in lieu of a meeting to celebrate the "End of Summer". However, it almost became a "Hurricane Party" as we followed the progress of Jose. The well attended party was held on Tuesday, September 19. Our goal was to collect monetary donations for hurricane relief. They are being forwarded to the Red Cross and Catholic Charities. We are all saddened by the situations people are in as a result of Harvey, Irma, Maria, etc. Many of us recall the impact of Sandy. While weather is beyond our control, we are doing all that we can to offer help to residents. Donations will continue to be accepted by the BVCA at the Rotary Applefest on Saturday, October 7. Everyone is concerned and amazed at the tragedy that occurred in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands. We are also trying to support those affected in Texas and Florida The BVCA encourages everyone to sign up for CodeRed to receive emergency alerts. Hurricane Season ends in November! Stay informed and be prepared.




BVCA Scholarships Awarded

On June 1, the Senior Awards ceremony was held at Amityville Memorial High School. Among the many worthy recipients were four students recognized by the Bay Village Civic Association. They were (in alphabetical order) Christina Brown, Madison Daly, Reginald Merriwether, and Eshwatti Sookram. Community service was an important factor in granting scholarships to these students, as well as their student records. Congratulations to all the winners. It was a very difficult choice. The Bay Village Civic Association will continue to also provide opportunities to render service to the community. Pictured are the students flanked by BVCA Board members Edria Parks and Diane Mellish. More information about the Bay Village Civic Association may be found on Facebook and the web site This group represents residents of the Village of Amityville.

Ketcham Preserve Cleanup

Press Release Productive May 20 Preserve Clean Up A group of forty students from Amityville Memorial H.S. volunteered to assist the Bay Village Civic Association clean up the Woods Preserve on Saturday, May 20. This hidden gem, on the north side of Merrick Rd. is a well- deserved recipient of their efforts. Although the Village DPW attends to it when needed, there is always more that can be cleared. Efforts are made to be careful and not disturb too much of the natural beauty and animal habitat. Through the cooperation of Jodi Wilsher, advisor to the National Honor Society, as well as members of the BVCA, the students achieved an improvement for the community’s benefit. Also in attendance was Lasheca Lewis, on behalf of NYS Assemblywoman Kimberly Jean Pierre. Deputy Mayor Kevin Smith was present with good wishes and congratulations. Following the Preserve Clean-up, all the volunteers proceeded to the H.S. to prune beds and add new plants, as needed. Red was a prominent color in recognition of the school colors. You may have noticed the red and white geraniums, visible from the street, encompassing the electronic sign. Following the completion of their efforts, pizza and refreshments were served in the school lunchroom. The delicious pizza was supplied courtesy of the BVCA and Raimo’s. All agreed it was delicious! Look around the next time you are at the H.S. Everyone hopes you appreciate the landscape improvements.




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