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8th Annual BVCA Brunch/Raffle

8th Annual BVCA Brunch.Raffle Cake


The community showed up in style to honor Suffolk County Presiding Officer DuWayne Gregory. It

was our honor to recognize him for his efforts to benefit the Village.

Unqua can only accommodate a limited number of people at assigned seats. We filled the

Clubhouse….not only with people, but also gift baskets and gift cards to raffle. Barbara Strick and

Doris Reynolds did a wonderful job with their committee in organizing this event.

Thanks are offered to the following BVCA members: Edria Parks, Carolina Anderson, Martha

Peterson, Diane Apgar, Julie MacLean, Joanne Fisk, Cathy Reilly, Bonnie Boldizar, and Annie Bilello.

Special thanks to our favorite musician, Margaret Brooks, who once again serenaded us on the piano.

It was so nice to have representatives from most of the Village organizations, BVCA members, and

many politicians present to join us on this special occasion. We are looking forward to another

wonderful event next year.


8th Annual BVCA Brunch.Raffle dgregory and wife8th Annual BVCA Brunch.Raffle group photo



Amityville Senior Center Receives Donation

Resized SrCenter Chair Donation

standing from left to right: Barbara Strick, Diane Apgar, Pres. Joan Donnison, Julie MacLean, Sr. Cntr. Director Pat O'Neill, Doris Reynolds surrounded by patrons of the center.


 Amityville Senior Center Receives Donation


Members of the Board of the Bay Village Civic Association recently presented a $500 donation to the Amityville Senior Center.  Its director, Pat O’Neill, gratefully accepted it while members of the Center looked on.

BVCA Vice President Diane Apgar discussed the needs of the Center with Ms. O’Neill.  She learned that many of the chairs were straight backed and difficult for some to use.  Arm chairs were preferable.  The donation will be used to purchase more of these chairs.

The Amityville Senior Center is located in the Park North Administration Building.  Access is provided from the parking lot at the rear of the building.

The BVCA Board has made significant donations to the community over the years, including scholarships to AMHS students, gift cards to Sandy victims, community gardens, etc.  The BVCA was pleased to continue to assist Village residents of all ages.

The Bay Village Civic Association represents the residents of the Village of Amityville.  More information may be obtained at or viewing their page on Facebook. 



Summer Cocktail Party

Getting together over food and cocktails is always festive.  The Bay Village Civic Association had a wonderful turnout of members at The Bulldog on Tuesday, July 8.  Conversation flowed about summer plans, the future of Brunswick, the weather, families, etc.  Some new relationships started.  It’s always nice to meet the person who lives around the corner.

A very large basket of cheer was raffled.  Proceeds will help fund future BVCA scholarships.  The lucky winner was Suffolk County Presiding Officer DuWayne Gregory.  Legislator Dave Denenberg, Amityville Mayor James Wandell, and Dep. Mayor Jessica Bernius, as well as Trustee Kevin Smith also joined the celebration.

Joan Donnison, president of the BVCA, reminded everyone of the civic association’s mission “to preserve the charm and character of the Village”.  She noted that the BVCA has been in existence for more than seven years.  Mrs. Donnison encouraged everyone to stay informed about the many changes that are occurring in the Village. 

We are also reminded that the Bay Village Civic Association awarded scholarships to two Amityville High School seniors in June.  The criteria was community service as well as an outstanding scholastic record.

The fortunate winners of $1,000 scholarships each were Anthony Abate and Maya Jordon-Thompson.  The scholarships were presented on Award Day.   Students should keep community service in mind, as they continue their studies.  It benefits them and their community.                                     

For more information, contact the BVCA at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit them on Facebook.



BVCA to Sponsor Meet the Candidates Night


BVCA to Sponsor Meet the Candidates Night

  Once again, the Bay Village Civic Association, representing the Village of Amityville, will conduct a Meet the Candidates Night.  This will be open to the public, as a courtesy, following the BVCA membership meeting.   That portion will convene at the Park Avenue School auditorium on Tuesday, February 25 at 7:30 P.M. 

A Special Election will be conducted in the Village on Tuesday, March 18 to fill the remaining one year term for trustee, following the resignation of Peter Casserly.  Nick LaLota was appointed by the mayor to fill that position last year.  This election will have him opposed by Andy Powell to occupy the position for the final one year of this term.  In 2015, a regular election will be held to fill the position for the usual four year term.

 Questions will be based on those submitted earlier by BVCA members.  The BVCA Executive Board will select several topics to cover the majority of questions.  As in the past, only the topics will be given to the candidates in advance.

 Responses will be timed and should last for approximately a total of forty-five minutes.  A few questions will also be chosen from submissions by the public upon entering the room.  No questions will be taken from the floor. 

 Following the formal questioning, informal “meet and greet” time will be afforded over light refreshments.  The event should end by 9 P.M.

 The format will be similar to the past event.

1.  Coin toss to pick first respondee....alternate responses afterwards

 2.  5 minute personal introduction each

3.  Timed responses to questions..5 minutes each (maximum)

4.  2 minute wrap up each

A timer will be used.

Please note:  No filming or webcasting will be permitted.  We will ask attendees to keep phones off and try not to distract the audience from the questions and responses.

Informal discussions between candidates and attendees will follow over refreshments for about 15 minutes.




7th Annual Luncheon Raffle

brunch committeebrunch presentation

Successful 7th Annual BVCA Luncheon Held at Unqua


An unusual raffle was held by the Bay Village Civic Association recently. About one hundred people were in attendance on Sunday, January 26, at Unqua Corinthian Yacht Club.  Rather that a proliferation of baskets, the majority of gifts raffled were gift cards to local businesses.  Both the business owners and individuals were very generous in their donations.


This was the vision of Committee Chairperson Ethel MacGill and her committee members…Diane Apgar, Martha Peterson, Midge Lewin, Joanne Fisk and Cathy Reilly.  Besides helping to support local businesses in the community, the committee transformed Unqua into a winter wonderland!


A special tribute was made to the Amityville Fire department in recognition of their volunteer efforts during Sandy.  While all the first responders were outstanding, the Fire Department was singled out as community volunteers.   Chief Scudlo, Ass’t. Chiefs Waegerle and Greey accepted the tribute on behalf of the Fire Department.


Suffolk County Presiding Officer DuWayne Gregory reinforced our commendation.  He spoke about the sacrifices these volunteers make during crises…leaving their homes and families while personally enduring similar hardships, to help others.


Leg. Gregory also had a special presentation for AUFSD Superintendent Dr. John Williams.  Unfortunately, due to complicated health issues, Dr. Williams could not be present.  In his stead, Lisa Johnson, president of the Amityville School Board, accepted the recognition for Dr. Williams. 


BVCA President, Joan Donnison, noted that this was the first time in six years that Dr. Williams did not attend the event.  He had always supported events and activities.


 The first community enhancement project the BVCA coordinated was an improvement to the landscaping at the front of the High School several years ago.  Dr. Williams was there in overalls…shovel in hand.  His active participation in the community will be missed, as well as his leadership in the school system. 



In Memoriam



          Two weeks after our luncheon, we were extremely saddened to hear of the passing of Dr. Williams.  He will be missed by all, not only for his leadership in the Amityville School System, but also for his active community involvement.  He was a very special person.  Our thoughts are with his family, friends, colleagues and the entire Amityville community.


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