Bay Village Civic Association Facts

Please read through the FAQs below, download the brochure and join today.  Contact for more information.

Members are Village of Amityville residents and/or homeowners at least 19 years old.

Dues are $25/household annually. If joining July 1 or later, $12.50

Mission is to voice the needs of homeowners in their quest to preserve their home values and quality of life. We also strive to enhance the charm and character of Amityville.

Critical concerns are:
* maintaining a vibrant community while retaining “Bay Village” character and quality of life
* sensible, sensitive planning
* and development of effective communication between Village officials and residents

Meetings will be held on the third Monday of each month. Start time is 7 P.M. at the School

Administration Building on Park Avenue. Guest speakers are often invited to speak on vital topics.

Our monthly Newsletter is distributed by email, or mailed, if necessary. It contains a Community

Calendar, as well as reports on all Village meetings.

Social events are held throughout the year.

To join BVCA, click on the link below to download our brochure

Click here to download a Membership Brochure and application

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