Kessler, Barbara

Barbara Kessler, Esq., ACC. Life In Focus, LLC

Barbara is a former lawyer and business executive, an active leader in several not-for-profit organizations and a certified coach who brings a broad range of experiences to her Professional Development and Career Management coaching clients.

Barbara Kessler

Life In Focus, LLC


Before finding her career passion as a Professional Development and Career Management Coach, Barbara worked in roles of increasing responsibility as in-house counsel to Cablevision and on Wall Street. Barbara prides herself on being a working mom who was able to raise two wonderful, competent and independent children and re-create herself in her 50’s. As Founder and President of Life in Focus, LLC, Barbara offers Professional Development and Career Management coaching to individuals and businesses and specializes in providing these services to highly motivated professionals and aspiring women leaders who want to maximize their potential. She also offers customized interview preparation for individuals who want to interview at the top of their game and consulting services to businesses and organizations that want to develop their emerging women leaders and the teams on which they work.

Over the past three decades, Barbara has developed expertise in how organizations work and how people select, are chosen for and move through their careers. She has lead teams, mentored colleagues, and developed an expertise in how to thrive and succeed in corporate America. She has conducted and helped candidates prepare for hundreds of interviews. She also has initiated and led cultural change, leadership development and community building initiatives. Barbara’s experience and expertise are key assets in her current work as a Professional Development and Career Management Coach. Contact: Barbara M. Kessler, Esq., ACC. Life in Focus, LLC w: 516.625.0542


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