Laytin, Gerry

Gerry Laytin, MBA, Experienced Trainer, Coach and Team Leader with hands-on experience in mentoring successful teams, public speaking, negotiating and developing effective communications materials. A solid reputation for creating, pioneering and implementing highly successful and innovative programs. Up-to-date with constantly evolving technologies in online social networking and Web 2.0. Sensitive to diverse cultural backgrounds. Skills also include: blogging, advertising and public relations.

Developed courses for business people in need of better communications skills, including one entitled “Confident Communications” teaching the four basic communications styles and how to converse with individuals in the other three quadrants, how to run a successful meeting, making persuasive presentations and making the most of a media interview. Coursework also examines how to form and nurture new business relationships, as well as displaying the right body language to ensure that you are viewed in the right way. Laytin also teaches successful networking negotiating skills and will provide you with tips and techniques for coaching others in your organization.

Gerry is a Certified Five O’Clock Club Career Coach.

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